I have put a lot of time and research into this site. There are many other sites that show this same dedication. We have decided to reward sites with a serious theme our award. Do not be offended if you apply and do not win! Winning sites must be creative, informative, and entertaining. Pictures are a must! Sites containing profanity, porn, or material not suitable for the entire family, need not apply. Nominated sites will be reviewed. There should be no broken links. Signing our guestbook wouldn't be a bad idea! DO NOT take the award if it has not been given to you by Sandhill Stockdogs...we will find you! If your site or if you know of a site that meets our tough standards E-mail us with a little information about the site, the URL, and the e-mail address. If we like what we see...we will notify you by e-mail. Links from the award back to our site would be appreciated! Good luck!!!

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