Turbo (1980-1992)

I had pets growing up, but Turbo was MY first dog. He was a llasa-peeka-a-poo given to me by a friend. This dog was like a child to me. When Turbo was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 12, it wasn't an easy decision to have him put down. The thought of his continued suffering was more unbearable than losing him. He is surely missed.


Candy single handedly changed our lives. We adopted this border collie mix from a family that rescued her. It seems that her owners moved a way and left her tied to the porch. This young dog was smart and more than willing to please. Candy went on to get a CD and the Canine Good Citizen Certification. Her intelligence and good nature led to the purchase of our first registered Border Collie! .


Muggsy was a gift from my oldest son after we had Turbo put down. He helped fill some of the emptyness. This little "Jack Russell Terrorer" has his go-to-ground certification and has placed in several terrier races. He's a great companion and an excellent ratter!


Lancelot was a rescue that came to live with us as a barn cat. We were told he was very shy and didn't like people. Boy, were they wrong!


Jasper has quite a personality. He follows us around the house like a puppy. The way him and Muggsy play, you'd think he was! He IS marked like a Border Collie...

Ming Tsai

Ming Tsai is a blue point Himalayan that was named after one of my favorite chefs on the Food Network. He is very loveable and has a fantastic disposition. He loves to be groomed and has even taken a shower with Marty!