Sandhill Stockdogs


Wide Open Spaces

Leaving the city was a big change for us, but it was a change for the better! In August of 1995, we moved
to our 80+ acre farm in a rural community of South Carolina

The farm had been left idle for years. We were going to have our hands full, but this place had so much promise. Many saplings and a lot of weeds had to be bushhogged in order to regain the pastures which were planted in coastal bermuda. We decided to remodel the old farm house so we'd have a place to live until our dream house could be built.

This is the way the farm looked in the summer of 1998. It's finally beginning to look like what we had pictured. The sheep and goats keep the weeds down so that there is plenty of coastal for the horses to graze on. The farm house is coming along quite well. We still have a lot of work to do, but we plan on being here a long time!

In the spring of 1999, we purchased 3.11 more acres of land and moved our driveway to allow for a more open pasture. We had some major bulldozer work done to increase our pastures. Pictures will be posted of the "new look" as soon as the work is completed.

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