Border Collies  

The Border Collie is a breed of herding dogs that were developed by shepherds in the border country between England and Scotland during the last three hundred years. These dogs were known as Working Collies, to distinguish them from the Rough (Lassie) Collies. The Border Collie was bred for the sole purpose of herding. The breed became known as the Border Collie after World War II.

One characteristic is this dogs ability to move small to large numbers of sheep in a silent and controlled manner, in cooperation with it's master. The Border Collie is also used to herd cattle, goats, turkeys, ducks, and other stock. The most outstanding characteristic of the breed is their "eye". The Border Collie stares at the stock in a steady, crouched position. The right amount of "eye" gives the dog power which allows it to keep the sheep together. The flock is moved without stress or damage. The dog also has the power to stand up to difficult stock that doesn't want to move or the dog can hold the stock in one spot. The Border Collie is the only breed that has this "eye". These dogs are very intellegent and are easily trained.

When buying a working dog, find a reputable breeder and ask to see the parents work if they are on the premises. We do not recommend these dogs as pets. They were bred to work and their "job" is what they live for. They are very active dogs and they must be kept busy. Dogs with the proper breeding can become frustrated and distructive if they are put in a situation where there is no work for them. If you purchase a Border Collie that is not a good working dog with sound breeding, we highly recommend the dog be spayed/neutured. The sudden popularity for the Border Collie has caused an increase in dogs that are sent to rescue centers because they "just didn't work out". Talk to several breeders before you make a firm decision on purchasing a Border Collie.

At Sandhill Stockdogs, we breed for working ability, solid temperaments, and sound health. Puppies are not sold solely for profit or as pets. We also have very strict guidelines for our stud service. Looks are not important-we do not breed for comformation. Our Border Collies are registered only with the American Border Collie Association. We do not support the AKC. Sorry if anyone is offended, but we firmly believe this marvelous breed should be protected from overbreeding, the show ring, and losing the intelligence, and working ability bred into them centuries ago.

We use our dogs for trialing as well as for farm work. Our dogs have competed in SC, NC, GA, TN, VA, AL and KY. We have also done herding demonstrations at the South Carolina State Fair as well as school and community "Farm Days". We are life time members of the American Border Collie Association and Registry.

Sandhill Stockdogs: Mac    Mac. DOB 6/92.  Mac was our first border collie.  Bred from imported and farm lines, he sure knows his way around a trial field.  Trained and handled by Kent Kuykendall, Mac ran in the 1994 Nursery finals.  He is a smooth-coated black and white.
Sandhill Stockdogs: Cain    Cain.  DOB 4/93.  He is the son of Tom Wilson's Roy, and Kent Kuykendall's Jet.  Cain has calm controlled power and will work anything.  He is an outstanding farm dog.  He is a medium-coat black and white, with mottles. Eyes clear.
Sandhill Stockdogs: Shell    Shell.  DOB 11/91.  Shell was raised working cattle.  We purchased her for her working bloodlines.  She is a smooth-coated red and white. Hips good, eyes clear.
Sandhill Stockdogs: Jed    Jed.  DOB 3/96.  Jed is from Cain's first litter, dam is T. Coyne's Midge, who is out of Orin Barnes lines.  She is a stylish little bitch, who has the right amount of power and eye.  Jed is keen to work.  She's a smooth-coated black and white, with mottles.

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